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Powerful features – Still super-easy to use

For internal and external training needs

With FlowLMS you can train your own personnel, customers and partners. Courses are targeted for each group so that sensitive course information is not visible to others.

User-friendly reporting

FlowLMS can send reports automatically to required contacts, for example to business area managers as well as to local offices. Reports will contain only relevant information from each area.

Works in mobile

FlowLMS is designed and develop to be super-easy to use. User interface is simplified and works in desktops, pads as well as in mobile. Users do not need to have any previous experience in learning management systems.


FlowLMS provides fully localized user interface, available in 25 different languages. Courses can be localized to all required languages and delivered to the users based on their preferred language.

Safely from the cloud

FlowLMS runs on global enterprise grade cloud datacenter. Cloud service meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards and will scale to meet all needs. Course information is fully backed-up and available whenever needed.

Grows with your needs

FlowLMS scales from local entry level version to global enterprise deployments. It is fully customizable and has open integration interface to meet your needs.

Save time and money in developing your personnel’s skills. This is real and available now! Learning management system that is quick to take into use but will provide support for large enterprise scale deployments. A system that is super-easy to use but still provides a full set of features. Order now!

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How do I get started?


Book a presentation.


We will map your e-learning needs.


We will build an e-learning platform branded for your company and customized to your needs.


We can either train you to produce material yourself, or we can do everything for you.


We add material to the environment and advise you on how to deploy it and assign courses.


The courses are ready for study. You receive the desired completion reports.